PlatON Korea 

by enterBlock 

enterBlock mainly consists of the engineers from Bithumb with experiences of contribution to major blockchains’ mainnet wallets (TRX / EOS / BSV / ABC and so on) ​and already in co-operation with​ Nervos, Conflux, Bithumb regarding tech development. 


About PlatON

Combining blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technologies, PlatON is building a decentralized and collaborative AI network and global brain to drive the democratization of AI and build safe artificial general intelligence.

What we do?

Leading Korea ecosystem

Validator operation

We support development services for DApp, wallet API, and delegation services as well as the retail market so that PlatON can establish itself in the Korean ecosystem.

We are a team with 4 years+ experience in operating blockchain nodes. We support 24/7 community service and delegation service that guarantees high security for Korean users.


We support technology research through industry-academia cooperation with domestic universities, and expand the technology base and ecosystem through partnerships and consulting with companies.



David Park


ex-Bithumb coin(20+) wallet, sign server development & node operation guide. Samsung Galaxy S S-memo Development.

Ian Son
​Application Engineer

Bithumb new exchange system development, Coin/Token Management/Listing system development.

Kidori Park 

Software Engineer

Software engineer exchange web solution developer. Korea Government Support Blockchain Education Instructor.

Mike MU

Blockchain researcher(Create a Blockchain research report 30+) , DeFi Korea Co-Organizer, Korea Government Support Blockchain Education Instructor


​Product manager

Studied in Korea for 8 years and worked for 3 years. Has rich experience in overseas operations. After accumulating experience in the cryptocurrency exchange operation team and joined enterBlock as the product manager.



If you have any questions about commission, service, cooperation, etc., you can contact us.